I am inspired by the idea that photographic images create associations in the brain not merely based on optical information but rather that – similar to water – they store and release energy. Originally influenced by the encounter with the alchemist and photographer Marino Lazzeroni, I am now experimenting with the concept of “Zen in the Art of Archery” in my photography in order to achieve a moment of oneness with the subject.I am particularly interested in the principle of polarity. Opposites make the reality as we know it. It is with the help of the basic fondamentals above and below, light and shadow or yin and yang that we are able to perceive the material world. I feel that photography is an excellent medium to shine a light on these concepts. Following my main subject “On the Nature of Things” I would like to invite the viewer to a new experience of what we usually take for granted.


Pasinger Fabrik München, "Sag es durch die Blume", group exhibition with Willi Geiger, Rupprecht Geiger, Michael Wesely a.o.

Aselart Landart Festival, Mazcuerras, Spain, solo show "People of Mazcuerras"

Atelier Wild Munich, "Augenblicke der Verwandlung", mit Gabriele Lockstaedt und Otto Scherer

Art space de Brito Starnberg, "Neue Perspektiven" Duo Ausstellung mit Paulo de Brito


Aselart Landart Festival, Mazcuerras, Spain, solo exhibition

Rochlhaus Thaining, "Desire", duo exhibition with photographer Peter Wilson

Zedergalerie Landsberg, Germany, "Ins Blaue", duo exhibition with painter Gabriele Lockstaedt


Schacky-Park Dießen, Germany, solo exhibition "The Air You Breathe"

Zedergalerie Landsberg am Lech, FLOWERS, group show


St-Laurent-Du-Var-Promenade Landsberg am Lech, open air solo show, "The Air You Breathe".

Head On Photo Festival, 541 Art Space, Sydney, Australien, group exhibition "The Air We Breathe".


Photo19München, Munich Praterinsel, group show.

BIFA Budapest International Foto Awards, Honorable Mention for "Daydream & Nightwalk".

Nevers, France Bourgogne, Palais Ducal, group show "Arbres en soi" Mois de la Photo en Nièvre.

Barcelona, Fotonostrum Gallery, Inauguration group exhibition.

Monovision Photography Awards, London, Honorable Mention für "Tree Crowns".

München Venio, Duo exhibition "Triebkräfte der Erde" (Driving Forces of the Earth), Trilogy.

13th Pollux Awards, York GB,
Honorable Mention for "Tree Crowns" + Honorable Mention for "Daydream & Nightwalk".

BnF, Bilbliothèque Nationale de France, Paris, artist book "Tree Crowns" part of collection.

Athens Photo Festival, Photobook exhibition, artist book "Tree Crowns".

MIFA Moscow International Foto Awards, winner honorable mention for "Daydream & Nightwalk".

Stadtmuseum Weilheim, solo exhibition "Die Luft zum Atmen" (The air you breathe).

Kunstsalon Planegg, solo exhibition, retrospective 2009-2019.


Gallery Atelier Alen, Munich, Im Wald (In the Woods), group show.

PIP, Pingyao China, Pingyao International Photography Festival, group show "Echos".

IPA, Los Angeles, Intern´l Photography Awards, One Shot harmony, winner honorable mention.

TIFA Tokyo International Foto Awards, gold winner, category Nature.


Photo17München, wild card.

Fixfoto Awards, London, 1st prize experts winner category Harmony.

Gallery Atelier Alen, Munich, exhibition with sculpturist Tim David Trillsam.

Schneider Optical Affairs, Munich, solo exhibition.

London Art Fair, Gallery Atelier Alen, Stand G40.


Taubenturm, Dießen, Germany, solo show on three floors.


125LIVE supported by Olympus, London, winner of the public vote.

MIFA Moscow International Foto Awards, winner honorable mention, cat. Fine Art.

IPA Los Angeles, International Photography Awards, winner honorable mention, cat. Fine Art.

LICC London International Creative Competition, winner honorable mention, cat. Professional Photography.

Photomonth East London, International Photography Festival, Dray Walk Gallery, group exhibition.

PX3, Prix De La Photographie Paris, winner honorable mention, Professional Photography.

Kolga Award Tbilisi, selection best photos of 2015.

Kunstbox Dortmund, art photography fair.

CCA Imago Paris, solo presentation.


Lensculture.com, editor´s pick.

Seltmann Fotopreis “Geschossen+Gedruckt”, group exhibition Städtische Galerie Lüdenscheid.

Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie, group exhibition Intef Institut.