Daydream & Nightwalk

I am fascinated by the idea that oxygen produced by trees flows through us like water flows through fish. Without their oxygen our life is not possible. In the style of Fritz Winter's world-famous series "Triebkräfte der Erde" ("Driving Forces of the Earth"), I wanted to portray these natural creatures in an intimate way. A forest with impressive tree individuals on the shore of the Ammersee was my playing field. I found expressive branches and trunks, which remind me partly of human torsi, partly of trumpets, which sound loudly from the ground. The trees seem so alive to me, as if they were speaking a language unknown to me. Many of these strong organisms give me the impression that they are fed directly by the power of Ammersee and its afternoon and evening light. With the help of multiple exposures, I created photographs directly on site that correspond to my perception of the subtle tones of nature's creatures.

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