Tower Taubenturm May 2016 | Solo exhibition

After being shown in cities like Paris, Moscow, Tbilisi and London it was time for a ´coming out´ in my home town! I was invited for an exhibition on three floors in our almost 400 years old tower Taubenturm. See video and pictures below.

Christoph Franke at historical tower TaubenturmSolo exhibition on three floors in the historical tower Taubenturm in my home town Dießen, Lake Ammersee in the south of Germany.

The historical tower welcomes its guests with a smell that reminded me immediately of photography shows in the old churches during the Rencontres d´Arles.

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On the opening event art historian Prof. Dr. Thomas Raff introduced my work and explained my artistic and technical approach to the visitors. I opted to position the treetops upside down to invite the viewer to an encounter with the tree as a natural being instead of just seeing and judging it with the intellect. I feel that photography is an excellent medium to shine a light on what we usually take for granted. Thereby I perceive a detailed reproduction as closeness and use it as a stylistic device.


Many visitors experienced the photographs as threedimensional and where literally sucked into the images. That´s why they assumed I put different layers on top of each other. Instead of I stitched a lot of single frames together side by side. While taking those single frames, I want to capture the primordial energy of these ancient living beings. When you see the visitors admiring the hanging prints you might agree to this notion. The Tree Crowns series was already the winner of the public vote during 125Live supported by Olympus in London with 22 % of over 7000 votes amongst a group of strictly selected photographers including some Paris Photo participants.

I produced a behind the scenes video (2 min., open in a new window) to explain the grid I stitch together. There you can see the untouched landscape too, where many of the trees live.

On the third floor I presented some new photographs for the very first time. The visitors where especially delighted about the "Tree Symphony". For this work I mounted 16 prints on a grey background. There you where standing in the top floor viewing up to the sky.


I felt a little in love with this old historic tower as everything fitted together. Please check out the following juxtaposition and compare the stairway with the photograph "Stamm #3" beside it.

Well, it needs a little fantasy, but isn´t that sycronicity?