Tree Crowns @ Schneider eyewear | Jan 2017

Photo Christoph FrankeTree Crowns sized 60 x 84 cm in wooden box frames with museum glass
Exhibition in cooporation with Schneider Optics in the Munich museum district from January the 5th until February 14th. When junior chief Sina Schneider visited one of my exhibitions in last May, she was excited about the clarity and multifacetedness of the Tree Crowns. There is a certain tradition at Schneider Optics to show art inside their store and display window. So she asked me wether I would be interested in an exhibition. After a short visit of the store I said yes. The very good surrounding with a clear interior design and the location in Munichs creative district Schwabing convinced me. It is just around the corner of Museum Brandhorst and Pinakothek der Moderne. And it happened like I wished it would be: Art interested walk-in customers set their foot into the store, asked for the interesting photographs and some bought it. Many thanks to Sina Schneider and her team for the pleasant and succcesful partnership!
Photo Christoph FrankeThe size 60 x 84 cm side by side with a small special edition in 13 x 18 cm plus matte
Photo Christoph FrankeSize A3+ with matte in 50 x 60 cm frame
Photo Christoph FrankeSize A3+ with matte in 50 x 60 cm frames. On the right side an additional poster print with artist statement
Photo Christoph FrankeAll good things must come to an end. A final picture with junior chief Sina Schneider and decorator Susanne Tortora